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Cloud management platforms (CMPs) enable users to control and configure cloud services. They enable IT administrators and infrastructure managers to automatize processes and centralize data, thereby increasing efficiency. CMPs also lower costs and risk. They also allow multicloud deployment models as well as centralized IT service delivery, monitoring and governance.

The most effective cloud management platform provides an easy user experience, automated and visibility across all environments. It should be able to integrate with other tools, offer an excellent user interface and offer security. It should be scalable, so it can handle changes and growth in usage without delays. It should be able monitor the performance of the infrastructure, so that users can assess the performance of their infrastructure and identify any problems.

Nutanix Beam is a leading multicloud management platform that has advanced functionality. It allows organizations to monitor cloud cost and resources, and also improve efficiency by automatically scaling up or down on demand. It also lets users to optimize their IT infrastructure by identifying under-utilized and idle resources and offering reserved instance recommendations. Additionally, it helps companies to comply with the law by conducting 250+ audit checks.

nOps, a FinOps Platform, automatizes IT operations to reduce costs and improve efficiency of IT operations. It does this by reducing cloud waste while continuously optimizing resources and predicting cloud spending and automating FinOps Governance. It helps modern enterprises get control and transparency of their cloud ecosystems using analytics, unifying policy management system, and a single-pane-of glass. It offers cost savings as well as a self-service portal and multicloud support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware vSphere (vSphere), Kubernetes, and bare metal servers.

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