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Medellín , Colombia

The agenda of each meeting should be clearly defined. It ensures that every discussion reaches its intended outcome and doesn’t get distracted by the details. However, planning a successful strategic board meeting takes more than just the right format for your agenda. Board members must be prepared and ready to take part in productive discussions.

Reading the materials for the board prior to the meeting is among the best things a board member can do to ensure the success of the event. In this way they can get acquainted with the contents and understand what they’d like to ask during the meeting. This is a great way to increase participation by encouraging everyone’s unique perspective to be heard.

Another key factor in preparing for a productive strategic board meeting is to focus on the content and not the format. Board meetings must be efficient and focused. It is therefore important to order topics logically. Begin with the most important and urgent ones. Then, you can move to those which build on them. Don’t forget to reserve a section of the meeting for new business. This is the perfect time for board members to engage in lively discussions that will help propel the organization forward.

With more hands-on work required of Boards in recent years it is not uncommon for meetings to drift off topics and to last longer than they are. To prevent this, keep the information in the board’s dashboard at an organizational level.

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