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Malware can compromise your device’s security, access personal information slowing it down, and even hold your personal information hostage for ransom. Installing antivirus software is a vital measure for PC users to be aware of as malware threats keep changing and becoming more sophisticated.

The best antivirus software is one that has high detection capabilities, an extremely small footprint and low impact on system performance. Based on your requirements they can be completely free or available at a price point that is within your budget.

Comodo is a well-known name in the antivirus industry, and their flagship product, Comodo Internet Security, has received top marks from AV Test and other independent reviewers. Their BOClean utility, however is a reliable standalone malware removal software.

IObit Malware Fighter is an excellent malware detection program that can help you clean and optimize your computer’s performance, protect your privacy and defend against a variety of cyberattacks. It also has a feature to increase the speed and security of your browser.

eScan Anti-Virus, another malware removal tool, is easy to use, has excellent features like a powerful anti-ransomware and firewall software, and is also very user-friendly. This program is also compatible with all Windows-based operating systems. It also helps remove junk files as well as spyware and other traces from your computer to enhance its performance. This program uses no system resources when running the scan. This program is a great option for users who are looking for a simple and efficient malware removal tool.

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